New(ish) Musing: Griff

At only 19 years old Griff is already such an accomplished artist and song-writer. She signed to Warner Records halfway through sixth form, releasing her first single Mirror Talk after completing her A-Levels in 2019.

Even lockdown and a global pandemic couldn’t hold her back – Griff has just been placed at number five on the BBC Sound of 2021 list and features in the SRA’s Class Of 2021 list. She also wrote the track Love Is A Compass, for Disney’s Christmas advert this year, and played a virtual gig at the Tate Modern. The production and performance at the latter was just insane, and can we also talk about her iconic hair for a second? Thanks.

Griff puts her own twist on typical pop, inspired by soul, gospel and Taylor Swift. Her first EP, The Mirror Talk EP, reflects (excuse the pun) an amalgamation of these influences.

Bringing her distinctive voice and exceptional song-writing ability, her lyrics ponder many types of heartbreak, rather than purely romantic: ‘Like if a friend moves away, or you lose a family member. When someone leaves your life, you feel like there’s a black hole there‘.

Griff also talks about her relationship with herself, avoiding the usual breakup narrative in pop-music. In Mirror Talk she describes feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness that will be familiar to us all, writing: ‘Break up with myself and then/ Make up with myself all over again’.

As a massive HONNE fan, I loved Griff’s collaboration with the electronic music duo on 100,000,000 X Better. Griff has also worked with the likes of Zedd (Inside Out), and her tracks have been remixed by Babeheaven (Good Stuff) and TSHA (Say It Again).

Having spent the majority of lockdown writing and making music in her bedroom, I have no doubt that Griff has some amazing stuff up her sleeve for 2021.

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