Everything’s a bit mad, let’s have some good music.

Did somebody say lockdown 2.0, and a looming US election result? Here’s some tasty music to lift your spirits and distract your mind.

Remi Wolf

This woman is just INSANELY talented. Based in LA, her music has this laid-back feel, but it’s super exciting, funky, and soulful at the same time. Warning: it WILL get you hyped. Some of my faves from her include ‘Monte Carlo’ (the rap section kind of reminds me of BROCKHAMPTON?), ‘Hello Hello Hello’ (there’s a lyric about eggplant *cough aubergine* parmesan that cracks me up), ‘Disco Man’ (a proper cool, catchy song), and ‘Cheesin” which features the legend that is Still Woozy. Can we also take a second to appreciate her amazing music videos?!


I’ve always been a fan of these guys. Think mellow disco mixed with an abundance of funk and groove. Hailing from Australia, but now based in Berlin, you may have heard of the group from their collaboration with Daft Punk on the track ‘Overnight’. I’m a big fan of ‘Lightenup’ and ‘Tieduprightnow’. They also released a live album earlier this year.


Probably not the jolliest music you’ll ever hear, but wow this man is magical. His latest album ‘Nectar’ was released in September and it is just stunning; perfect to blast on a late night drive. It also features some amazing collaborations with Diplo, Omar Apollo, and Lil Yachty. It’s hard to pick stand-out tracks because they’re all just beautiful (‘Gimme Love’, ‘Afterthought’ and ‘Daylight’ are particularly great though).

Alex Isley

Such an incredible artist and producer (and we STAN female producers). I’ve recently been obsessing over her tracks ‘Mine’ (with Jack Dine) and ‘Good & Plenty’ (with Masego and Jack Dine). Influenced by R&B, classical, and jazz (having studied jazz theory at school and college), her sound is a beautiful amalgamation of these genres.

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