New Musing: Joesef

If you’re looking for some sweet, sweet melodies this Sunday, look no further than my newest musing: Joesef. 

The up-and-coming Glaswegian singer-songwriter has described his sound as ‘sad boy music’.  With lo-fi beats featuring elements of jazz and soul, overlaid with Joesef’s dulcet vocals, his music is just BEAUT. He’s even been compared to the one and only Amy Winehouse and features on the BBC Sound of 2020 longlist.

How did he get into music I hear you ask? WELL… like the true Scotsman he is, Joesef drunkenly sang ‘California Dreaming’ at an open mic night. His mate (who later became his manager) said he should become a singer, to which he replied ‘alright‘. Easy as that.

Being the multi-talented human he is, Joesef writes and produces all of his singles, yet ironically he says he’s the most creative when he’s hungover (wish I could relate).

Don’t Give In it my personal favourite, inspired by his recent break-up. With its groove and guitar chords this song is just a bop. Limbo too is a beautiful track, with its honest and raw lyrics (you can also hear the Amy Winehouse comparisons super clearly).

Adding to his list of achievements, Joesef sold out his first gig at King Tut’s without having released any music yet – like what the hell man?

His latest single Think That I Don’t Need Your Love was released last month, and his EP Play Me Something Nice came out last year. I would HIGHLY recommend a listen.

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