Gig Review: Bombay Bicycle Club at the Brighton Centre

Bombay Bicycle Club at the Brighton Centre… I have no words (well I have a lot, but humour me whilst I awe over seeing this incredible band live). This hands down has to be in my top 5 favourite gigs EVER. I just wish I could go back and do it all over again.

I properly got into Bombay Bicycle Club a few years back in Sixth Form (bit late to the game, I know).  Being the amazing sibling that I am, I got my sister tickets to go see them live as a Christmas present (although I low-key really wanted to see them too).

When I listen to the band’s music, I always picture how they would sound live. Yet when I actually experienced it, it was a whole other level to what I ever imagined. There are so many intricate layers, elements and details to Bombay Bicycle Club’s music, from the percussion to the brass, guitars, keys and voices. Somehow they managed to execute all of this live with perfect synchronisation and succinctness, bringing every aspect of their music to life. You can tell that they are a well practiced band who know each other inside out, so when it comes to playing live they are on the exact same page.

The atmosphere was just incredible: I’ve never seen the Brighton Centre that packed before and you could tell every single person in the venue were huge fans and just fully engaged and captivated by the music. Bombay Bicycle Club brought an unbelievable amount of energy; genuinely one of the best bands I’ve seen live. It felt as though they were equally as excited as when they first started out releasing music and touring. Their onstage chemistry with one another was also undeniable: they brought elements of comedy not only when addressing the crowd, but when performing their songs. In ‘Lamplight’ for example they used different lighting to exaggerate the contrast between the quiet toned down parts and full on guitar rock sections. They fully froze for 60 seconds towards the end of the song, and then picked up in exact unison to finish it (is this magic? I think so…)

The band were all dressed in super cute matching outfits, and the set gave me 1975 vibes with the four windows that lit up.  Can we just talk about the three piece brass band for a second?  These guys joined Bombay Bicycle Club on stage for some of the songs, including their opening: ‘Overdone’ (an absolute TUNE).  They were incredible, bringing another level of energy and excitement to the stage. Liz Lawrence (one of Bombay Bicycle Club’s two support acts) also joined the band at times to sing the female voice on their tracks. The Big Moon were the second support act who I was super excited to get to see, and it was great to hear their music live.

Halfway through the gig, Bombay Bicycle Club did an amazing throwback to their first album to celebrate its 11 year anniversary.  At this point everyone was up on their feet reminiscing, and singing (aka screaming) out all the lyrics. Their *insert quote marks* final song before their encore had everyone dancing and cheering for more.  After the formality of pretending it was their last song and exiting the stage, the band finally ran back on and played two last songs: ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’ and ‘Always Like This’.

If you get the chance to catch Bombay Bicycle Club on any of their other tour dates I would HIGHLY recommend it. Their new album Everything Else Has Gone Wrong was released on the 17th January.

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