Mixtape Review: Easy Life – Junk Food

If you haven’t heard Easy Life’s latest mixtape yet, then prepare yourself for some BOPS… like seriously.  

The five-piece Leicester band are the embodiment of eclecticism: a blend of indie, pop, jazz and alternative which culminates to form a sound that one can only describe as a literal ‘VIBE’. Or, as the band themselves describe it: ‘your favourite old jazz record’ combined with the ‘dirty wonders of modern production techniques‘. Their quirky music reflects the make-up of Easy Life themselves: Sam (the band’s bassist/saxophonist) is apparently their resident ‘head of horticulture‘ (a vital position if I do say so myself…)

‘the embodiment of eclecticism: a blend of indie, pop, jazz and alternative which culminates to form a sound that one can only describe as a literal ‘VIBE”.

If you’re a fan of Rex Orange County, I think you’d love Easy Life. They haven’t been together long, forming in late 2017, yet in this time they have released a series of mixtapes, singles and EPs.

Their latest mixtape Junk Food is the ultimate chill out soundtrack bringing an effortless, laid-back feel. ‘Sangria’, which features 19 year-old poet/singer Arlo Parks, makes me think that I should be sat on a Spanish beach sipping cocktails, whilst ‘Dead Celebrities’ transports me to Hollywood. However, the latter track has more serious undertones; an ode to the not-so-glamorous side of fame as Murray pictures what life would be if he lived like a celebrity.

‘Nice Guys’ brings its own groove, my favourite part being the link to the pre-chorus with the lyrics: ’til you hear the bass through the floor’, which reminds me of Justin Timberlake’s ‘take it to the bridge’ in ‘SexyBack’. ‘Earth’ was created for those who (as the song literally says) ‘don’t feel at home on this planet’. The band directly addresses the climate crisis, as they state ‘we are running out of resources, and the future is looking bleak‘. This is reflected in the lyrics of the track: ‘we’re breathing the fumes fill the oceans with plastic’.

Aside from the more serious songs, my favourite lyric in the whole mixtape is ‘who’s going to pick up the spiders?’ in ‘Spiders’ – a legitimate and all-important question (those eight-legged things creep me out).

Junk Food was released on the 10th January by Island Records, following a string of EPs and singles.  

The band have recently embarked on their headline tour and I’m dying to see them as I am sure they would be incredible live. Rumour has it they even bring their own house plants to the venues for that #homely feel.

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