New Musing: Joy Crookes

I first came across Joy’s music on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, where she chatted all things from Irish dancing, to growing up in Elephant and Castle.

At only 21 years old, Joy has released a collection of EPs and singles and features fourth place on the BBC Sound of 2020 list.  She was also most recently nominated ‘Rising Star’ for this year’s BRIT awards.

Through her Bangladeshi-Irish descent and upbringing in South London, Joy has a variety of multicultural influences. These directly inspire her musical sound: neo-soul at its core, with elements of pop, jazz and R&B to name a few. A blend which when combined with her enchanting voice makes for a unique, distinct sound.

Her first EP Influence includes tracks such as ‘New Manhattan’ which sounds as though it could be the next Bond theme. With Joy’s soft yet powerful voice the track begins mellow, featuring an entrancing hook. It gradually picks up momentum, swelling into a sweeping theme played by a full string orchestra before it fades back to the main hook, now with a trip-hop percussion accompaniment.

Another favourite of mine on the EP is ‘Power’; a feminist anthem, written in reaction to the election of Trump and the personal experiences of women in her family. The music video, which Joy self-directed, depicts the powerful women in her life: her mother, grandmother and friends (with their family members too).

Last year Joy released not one, but two EPs: Reminiscence and Perception, both incredible in their own right. It’s hard to narrow down my favourite tracks from these EPs, but ‘Man’s World’, ‘Hurts’ and ‘London Mine’ would have to make up my top three.

By mid-2020 Joy intends to release her debut album, a body of work which I am sure will not disappoint.

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